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 Some questions i need answered

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PostSubject: Some questions i need answered   Thu Apr 15, 2010 1:51 pm

I dunno if this posted yet but im posting to find a relation between dharma, the others and Jacob/MIB

So as jacob pointed out, he is the one who brings people to the island.There is no way in hell anyone else can get to it it other than if he has got them there.i dunno if this assumption holds water or they are gonna introduce something else later but for now thts how it is. So ultimately how many people u think Jacob has brought to the island over the years. More than a 1000, and thts a conservative figure.

Moving along, Why did he bring the dharma people to the island, and how come they became so opposite in polarity to the others for so long. On the other hand the losties had no problem in assimilating with either group during some timeline.So why is that these two groups could never get along. If richard was shepherding the others, it means the dharma folk were basically not on the same side as Jacob.But they werent on team MIB anyways.They died gruesomely and now one cared

Though the island judged Ben for his daughter , it didnt say squat when he killed more than 100 people in cold blood.He wasnt even protecting the island or anything.

It also doesnt explain widmores ship coming to catch Ben and also take all other losties cause im sure Jacob would not want his candidates hurt or killed.

What about the hatch, Im sure Jacob and MIB knew about and knew it was built yada yada, but how come either didnt do anything about it.What about the energy there.Didnt either of them care?

It becomes really hard to merge the dharma physics and science with the supposed jacob/mib religious track. But it would be interesting to see if and how Lost explains it.

Thoughts anyone??
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Some questions i need answered
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