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 MM's Lockish Weaknesses

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PostSubject: MM's Lockish Weaknesses   Wed Feb 17, 2010 10:28 am

When MM was chasing the little boy through the jungle, he fell and then did the whole dramatic "Don't tell me what I can't do!!!!" thing. Why was he showing these weaknesses similar to the ones Locke had?
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PostSubject: Re: MM's Lockish Weaknesses   Wed Feb 17, 2010 3:40 pm

when he saw the young boy [ obviously a vision of the young Jacob ... the 2 of them must have been brought to the Island as children, or even been born there ... the 2 of them candidates to replace the previous Jacob ] he was reminded of his former humanity.

MM used words last night that I used a year ago ... he talked about Sawyer being a candidate for the "New Jacob of the Island" or something to that effect.

I have felt for some time now ... more than a year that "Jacob" is a title more than a name of the Island. An Avatar of the Island.

Yesterday before watching the show ... maybe 6 hours before I was thinking of the Balance of Darkness and Light ... of what the earth would be like if it did not spin on it's axis ... if it was all light all the time on one side and all dark on the other ... it would be a dead, dark, frozen planet on one side with a rarefied atmosphere and an oven whose water and air had boiled out into space ... All dark or all light is not a good thing. For Life to exist, both are needed in balance.

We saw a statement of Jacob's agreement with me on that point : that Darkness and Light must remain in balance. MM used to be human, but something happened and the Darkness took him [ just as it is taking Sayid and just as it seemingly took Claire ] and this Darkness is not of this world but it is bound to the Island, kept by Jacob and now has taken human form and is stuck that way ...

Except MM is still Smokey ... imagine the damage the Darkness would do if it got back to our world ... MM's attempt to go home is futile and his attempts would kill this planet ... everyone that dies, their body would be claimed by the Darkness and be resurrected as undead, dark zombies ... and there are more dead than alive on this planet, so it would not end well at all.

This Darkness is from another Universe and would destroy this one getting back home. Space/Time would be shredded in the process of MM trying to find his way home too. MM and Smokey are 2 different beings bound together now in the form of John Locke, with all of John's memories ... as I said a while back, MM began to "Claim" John Locke when he was lying on the ground dead after his father pushed him out of the window, and Jacob touched him ... MM thought he was finding a loophole, but I think it is a clever trick by Jacob.

Jacob knew his time was coming to an end.

I believe there were 108 names on the wall, and Jacob gradually crossed them all out, except for six numbers : 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 .... which surprises me that Jacob didn't know who the final 6 candidates were, seeing as the numbers mark the global coordinates of where the Island should be. [ enter -4.815 -162.342 at and zoom out and see what I mean ] It seems even Jacob doesn't know everything.

where the Island should be :,-95.677068&sspn=44.879582,91.669922&ie=UTF8&ll=-4.815,-162.342&spn=98.570641,183.339844&z=3&iwloc=A [ according to the testimonies of the pilot of Flight 815, and Desmond and Danielle ]
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MM's Lockish Weaknesses
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